Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Memorable Moments

Since moving into our new house hubbs and I like inviting my siblings over to spend the night. Since I have eight siblings it gets pretty interesting. New Years Eve we invited my brother A.J.

A.J. has been knocking on doors of neighbors and asking to shovel their driveways for a small fee. So far this winter he has made $20. Our driveway needed some attention and I knew the man for the job!

Anywho, A.J. stayed the night and on New Year's Day he happily shoveled our driveway for three hours. What a worker he is. I happily had some yummy food for his empty grumbling belly and some warm hot dark chocolate with loads of marshmallows. While we were having some lunch he was telling stories about his siblings and class mates. Out of the blue he said "I sure am thankful for mom and dad. Without them I wouldn't be able to be an uncle to W.R."

For those of you who don't know. A.J. is twelve years old and he was adopted. This comment made me smile and think happy thoughts at the time. But later I really got to thinkin about what his words actually meant. How many twelve year old kids think about that kind of stuff? He was genuinely grateful to be apart of my son's life.

This was a great first memory for 2013. Love you A.J.


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    1. Why thank you! Much appreciated. Take care.