Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I knead you!

Tonight we rang in the new year with an all out celebration. My daddy and step momma had a very happenin home. Lots of great food and good company.

I was in charge of the rolls. I wanted them to be special and homemade. (That's how us mommas get things done) so here I was had my kneading hands ready to go to work then I came across this amazing recipe.  Can you believe it? No kneading. How about the part where it's made in a stockpot!?!? Anyway, it's mind blowing. Check it out. Oh I almost forgot the best part... They're absolutely uh-maze-ing. So delicious. I'm really happy with myself.

picture is from pioneer woman's recipe

As I was going through some old pictures with my dad, that my mom and I had come across, I was thinking, "wow, time has flown by. I'm not a little girl anymore." "I have a husband and a son now." I was really set off by these thoughts. I mean I knew these things but dang! Life really is a vapor. We're here and gone and the world will keep on spinning.

What really matters in life isn't the clothes, the gifts, the house, the trucks, or any of that stuff. It's the memories you have and the people you share them with. None of that other stuff has eternal value and they get old or out of style or rusty.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is make this 2013 a memorable one. Embrace the ones you love and show love to a stranger or someone in need. When your time on earth is up make sure someone will smile when they remember your face! Maybe bake some of those awesome rolls for a homeless person or whatever. Just do something. Step out of your comfort zone. Go out of your way. Your children are watching.

I made 3 dozen rolls and this is all that are left. I had dough left over. The recipe says you can put them in fridge and bake another day! Like I said uh-maze-ing!

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