Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We have arrived.

Some of you may not know my story as of late. Here is a little insight.

Hubby was recently switched from active duty, in the United States Navy, to inactive duty. That meant closer to family, no more uniforms and one big move. We left our home in Honolulu Hawaii and became Ohioans, again. Moving from an island to the mainland makes it challenging to have a home lined up. Parents' house here we come. Yep that's right. Me, my honey and our one month old stuffed all our belongings in a storage unit and a teeny tiny room I lived in as a teenager. One happy humped up family!

I took my mommy section of my blog off my Christian blog and here we are. I had no idea how much of a challenge it was to keep up two blogs while having your belongings scattered and out of sorts. I apologize to my readers. For 6 months we lived with my folks.

But things are looking up for us. We just finished unpacking into our new beautiful home! I cannot explain how blessed we are. God gave us a trial and only through Him were we able to overcome it and grow through it. Jessie keeps saying that 2013 is our year and I couldn't agree with him more. So far we have gotten a new car, a nice roof over our heads and are surrounded by so many loving family members. (While we do miss our Hawaiian Ohana so very much) And it's not even January 2nd yet.

Praise God for the great things He is working on in our lives. So look out momma experience readers. Expect great things this coming year. I plan on sharing and praising all God has in store for us in the new year.

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  1. Wow that seems kinda crazy but congrqts. Im a new follower