Thursday, July 10, 2014

Renew. Revive. Review. Something Freshly Picked Just for You.

Hello All! I am still alive and kickin' and I've got something very S P E C I A L for you but you hafta read my awesome review first.

I recently received a brand new pair of FRESHLY PICKED moccs and I just hafta tell the world all about them. I mean c'mon me have a pair of freshly picked moccs of my own?!?! I never thought the glorious day would come but these shoes are more than shoes. They are a part of someone's dream! Susan Peterson's dream. She is someone to watch because she's amazing, duh! Seriously though, this entire brand was built by her from the ground up! I mean how often does that happen? Susan believes in her product and it is so beyond obvious in the quality and she worked her tail off to get to where she is and she doesn't show any sign of slowing down and to top it all off, she's a momma!

These little shoes are a dream. I ordered them for my daughter and I had no question about sizing when ordering. There is a size chart on the website you can print off and use as a guide for your child's foot size. I mean... No brainer here.

So once you get your moccs in the mail then it's time to put them on your kiddo, yanno the fun stuff. You will notice that there is an elastic band around them that is totally genius (singing hallelujah songs) this elastic keeps the beautiful mocc on your child's foot it doesn't wiggle jiggle free (like U V W, can you tell I just read bedtime stories? Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom anyone?)

The leather is super soft but totally durable. I want a pair in every color. Oh, did I mention the colors? There are so many colors they are absolutely stunning. I had the hardest time picking out just one.

The customer service was amazing and super helpful. The Freshly Picked IG feed is my guilty pleasure when I cannot sleep late at night. (sorry Susan and gang I'm a guilty IG stalker) There are always people asking questions and each and every one of them are answered and they are so polite too.

My little Lydia Mae absolutely loves her moccs and I am going to get Wyatt a pair but don't tell my husband. I am all for saving a buck or two, so is my husband, and there are several other mocc shops that offer moccs at a cheaper price but Freshly Picked are the only ones for this household. I have seen photos from other shops and you can tell just by comparing photos that they will fail in comparison. Why fix something if it isn't broken? Freshly Picked definitely does not need fixin'.

I almost forgot to mention the new carryall bag line? I gotta get my hands on one of those too.

Go get you some FP swag now:

Now for the part you have been waiting for. The Colt and Filly, has teamed up with some REALLY amazingly super duper awesome shops for one ultimate giveaway!! We are calling it THE BEST SUMMER GIVEAWAY. The shops included are: LaLuna Designs, Curly Q's Counter, Happy Baby Wrap, Alice and Ivory, Sugar Lime Lane, and of course Freshly Picked

To enter come find me on Instagram HERE and look for this pic for all the instructions! Good luck.

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